No more tears!!

Although our previous news flash announced that Fran was leaving the band, we are very happy to tell you that she will not be leaving us after all!!! She will stay a Darwin Award member in the same way as Ron Mozer; not practicing every week but participating in the making of new songs, recordings and gigs.

Welcome back Fran!!!!!



Salty Knowledge &  Comforting News

A late update; we had to take some time to sink it in. Fran has decided to leave the band in search for her own musical path. She will be joining us on stage to help us out while we are in search of a new vocalist.  We are very sad to see her go but wish her all the best.

So if you think you could be an addition to our band, please send an email to

The good news is that we found a new (digital) member in Ron Mozer on synths. Although he will not be practicing with us every week, we do feel he is part of the band with his humour and musical influences.


Launch Website:

This is it, our very own website. Always handy to remember us by in case we do our band name justice and extinguish ourselves. Or if you want to check us out of course.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Please send your comments if you miss anything or would like additional information.


Work in progress:

We are currently recording a demo which will be available through this website later on.

Since we are still looking for a synth-wizard, we found Ron Mozer (Ulysses) ready, willing and able to help us out during the recording.

We will keep you informed on the progress here.


Musician spotting:

When our previous synth player left the band because there are only 24 hours in one day, Francine picked up the basics to fill up the songs.

However, we would still like to fill up more musical space in our songs..

So if you are looking for a band to share your musical experience with and you know how to hit the keys, or if you know someone who might be interested?

Please contact us!